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You Sure?

can buy one meh?

Malaysia so hot, so humid, so smelly…

All these convertibles no roof some more, can meh?

If you’ve done your research on convertibles, your friends and family probably have a few things to say about that. Somewhere along the lines the objections came gushing through like pouring rain into a car without a roof- weather too hot, weather too rainy, exhaust fumes from cars and motorcyclists and busses and lorries, motor cyclists drive-by at the traffic light, getting your fabric top slashed, etc. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, we get you. Convertibles can buy one.

Malaysia’s Geographic diversity

Malaysia is a place that we’re proudly born and bred.

A convertible, or #dropthetop, gives you access. Access to the palette of beautiful sights, sounds and smells- one moment you could be cruising by heritage sites while the fleeting, drool-worthy scent of Penang Char Koay Teow lures your nose in. As they blur by and the smokey scent of street food subsides, magical beaches and rich rainforests will start to unfurl. It is allowing the driver and passengers to fully experience the diversity & magic of the place; driving on the same road you always have has never been such an immersive experience.

Stimulate Senses

If you’ve gotten yourself #DropTheTop with motorsport DNA, you’ve invited yourself and your passengers to an orchestra in which you as the driver, is also the conductor. Intoxicating you, and the other passenger in a song and dance of crescendo highs, crisp cornering; that’s the thrill of a performance oriented #dropthetop. Something the insular, isolated feeling of being in a traditional SUV or Sedan can only dream of replicating.

Reflection of your Mood

A common misconception about convertibles that gets lobbed around frequently is that people think once you get a #DropTheTop, it remains dropped for the rest of eternity, perpetually, and forever.

We like to tell our clients to just think of it like going for a walk in the park. Would you like to have a walk when its’ blistering hot after lunch, or when it pours and thunders? The answer is no. You’d much rather catch some distance in a breezy morning, or after a long day of work, or after dinner. That’s exactly how you use a convertible- you use it when the situation calls for it.

Owning a #DropTheTop is beautiful in its’ simplicity & versatility- you are always 10 or so seconds away from enjoying yourself when you see fit.

Pro tip: try going for a drive to nowhere, when you’re feeling down, when your mind has a thousand and one problems all clamouring for attention and solutions. You’re welcome.

Fashion Statement

Cars are accessories, very big, practical, octane-fueled accessories.

Much like the Rolex or Omega you wear on your wrist, the outfit you wear on a night out, it’s a conversation starter, a communication of persona. See a black, stealthy low-slung BMW Z4? Immediate impression: “oohhh, that’s quite sexy, very sleek and cool”. See a Porsche Boxster in bright Racing Yellow and open Sports Exhaust valves? “Wow, overcompensating”.

#DropTheTop can be an occasion when you want it to. Dress the part, with outfits to complement the car, and you’ve got yourself one grandiose entrance.

Your friend’s will love it

Once you go convertible, you’ll always have one in the fleet. Without realizing, you begin to take the long way home, just to drive on a stretch of undiscovered road, where there are less traffic and more corners, less urgency to get from point A to B, and more desire to get from A to B, but in a more enjoyable way to you. Your passion for these cars will ooze through smiles & childish giggles. Your friends and family will doubt your sanity, but that’s because they don’t own a #dropthetop, they need you to take them on a ride- pop the #dropthetop cherry, so to write.

Then one day, they find themselves browsing through the handpicked selection of Cabriolets at Malaysia’s first Cabriolets & Coffee Concept store- aptly named, #DropTheTop Cars & Coppee.

Be part of a growing Community

Just a year ago one wouldn’t fathom the existence of a bunch of silly cabriolet owners coming together early on Sunday morning to go on drives. We wouldn’t ever have considered there would be a community built around the insensible act of Topless Driving, these vehicles, after all are all but too impractical, the weather too hot, or too rainy, the vandals’ knives all but too sharp for flimsy fabric roofs.

But there is. And its’ growing.

A Cabriolet for Everyone

Now that you’ve thoroughly convinced yourself you need own a convertible at least once in your life, and you’re doing your digits to see whether or not you can own one of the most historic examples of wealth and prestige. The good news is, its’ not all that unaffordable.

Sure, #dropthetop has always been associated with the ultimate luxury, the unattainable, the “I-need-to-hit-the-jackpot-to-buy-this”.

There’s no better place to look for a new convertible than #Dropthetop: Cars & Coppee.

Malaysia’s first Cars & Coffee concept store where we bring together an excellently curated selection of cars, and artisanal coffee & treats bought together under one roof.

Abadi Motor Penang

At Abadi Motor Penang, we specialise in convertibles that start from RM200,000, that’s the price of a pre-owned BMW 3series. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve sold manufacturer flagship convertibles such as the Porsche Carrera 911 (992) Cabriolet, and BMW 8-series convertible.

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